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Cycle Soundscape
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Summer and Moon
Simona, day 1
Smudge sticks magically woven with summer and moon time power.


To create identities and let them go, again and again.
Ruby, day 2

Feeling into my desire to shed. To let go of identities. I cannot place myself in a box or define myself by what I do. And if I do, it won’t be long before my soul starts whispering and then screaming that it’s time to shed. 

Aourelie another shade of Renee
Renee, day 3


Cycle Sound Scape 

Renee, day 5

I listened to it after some days, and instead of judging it, i receive it with compassion, humour and amusement i would with a child's vocal wonderings.

Inner death & Emergence

Martina, day 3

Observing the red roses in bloom emerging above the dying rose below felt directly linked to my process of letting go and surrendering some more this month in an ongoing process of the heart. An inner death and at the same time an emergence...

Earth again and again

Mala, day 5

Feeling grateful for my body reminding me of my connectedness to ground, and especially during my bleed.

Never ending movement

Nora, day 9

Needing each other, strength and softness.





Leaving circles

Nora, day 20

A big desire to create, but no motivation to use any artificial material. I spent that weekend in a little paradise and really felt like thanking the place and owners by leaving some circles.

Connecting to centre, again and again

Simona, day 18

I've been singing, humming, dancing along with a buzzing life, connecting to centre, again and again. Embracing with my expression the aliveness all around me.

I created ME

Anna-Lotta, day 21

I created her most of the time blind, and there was a fear that I wouldn’t like what I see when I take the blindfold of. When I did, I loved me. I could recognize me and see me in my beauty, without so many layers but still they were present in my head.

Letting go

Martina, day 22

I made 18 freestyle collages / drawings. One after the other when there was a creative flow...these were made very instinctively. I have been using my inner Autumn to let go of more that needs to be let go of. Finding more inner power and boundaries and no’s to things that are not healthy. My kickass side is totally there.

Anna-Lotta, day 26

This is one thing that came during summer solstice when writing about my body. I like it!


Simona, day 25

This cycle was dedicated to dance. Movement naturally flowed through me, especially in inner summer & autumn. Dancing in mud in public felt revolutionary and like a blessing for my inner child and erotic nature. So sensual and blissful!

Desperate or happy

Yvonne, day 29

It's my pre-menstrual bleeding. It's called dancing queen. I don’t know whether she is desperate or happy, maybe both at the same time.


Altar Full Moon Wild Dance

Jools, day 28

It will be so magical if I am bleeding while I meet 20-30 women on the beach and dance with the waves. My alter is to connect me to the divine purpose in this dance and what I’m being called to. 

It feels like a beautiful tension and contradiction to hold- the brightness of the full moon and all she shines light on (holy shit) and the descent into the dark of the bleed- should she choose to arrive then.

Another creative flow

Martina, day 25



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