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Back in the days, before the time of the clock, time was experienced cyclical. Ancient cultures would use the seasons in order to survive and thrive. 


The cyclical calendar guides you through the smaller and bigger cycles within one year, with the moon, the seasons and the Celtic festivals. 

It gives you insights about what is happening in nature and how you can invite these qualities into your daily life.

The cyclical calendar is the harvest of dedicating myself to one year of cyclical living. I tried, I failed, I learned, I thrived and I reflected. Experiencing the year with the cyclical qualities of each season, supported me to plan and create with more ease, trust deeper and flow more fluently. 
Experiencing the gift of my menstrual cycle as guidance to plan, live and feel, I dream of a world where all beings are attuned to the cyclical rhythms of life. 

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Product information:


A4, high quality print, 250 grams paper



  • 12 illustrations inspired by cyclical living.

  • 12 calendar pages highlighting new moon, full moon with date and time (CET)

  • The 8 main solar events (solstices and equinoxes) with information about this festival was celebrated by the Celts.

  • Journaling questions to invite the qualities of each season into your daily life.

  • Quotes out of my project ‘one year of cyclical living’. 

    You can order the calendar now, receive it in December and start 2023 with this cyclical piece of inspiration! 

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