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Aouralie - day 1

My moon cycle July to August 2021

Aug-Sep Cycle
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Aouralie - day 2

It has been a cycle distracted by a cold and many events...but I felt her guidance the whole time nonetheless. 

Nora - day 3

After a summery summer im reconnecting to my blood, my inner winter. This cycle I am filled with awe for the beauty of my bleeding body. What a wonder, fresh blood dripping out of me, every cycle again. A reason to pause, to honour, to connect with my cyclical nature. My womb connects me to my roots and my heart, connected to my cycle I find my place to grow and shine. 

Martina - day 6

12 mile walk again, walking the South Downs Way in stages. Spotted this beauty, the transition from Summer to Autumn outside and Spring to Summer on the inside...

Mala - day 6

The red stones reminded me of our circle.. and they inspired me to play. My ovulation creativity felt strangely effective, I didn't have a lot of patience for detail.. actually it felt kind of goal oriented. I really enjoyed carrying, gathering and "sorting" those stones .. I enjoyed doing, being productive.

"But this group has been like a little flame in the background, a place where it's possible to light my own creative expression again."

Mala - day 11

Feeling sensual these days under my a bit thick-skinned summer surface. Making Pflaumenkompott turned into a juicy vulva gallery on the way.. see the juice?

Nora - day 14

I feel quit overwhelmed by the world at the moment and love to create my own little worlds.

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Martina - day 6

Ruby - day 18

Upside down. Inside out. Totally

Unable to be ‘productive’. Most of my creative energy went into a love bubble with another human this past cycle. In the last sacred hour before we parted ways, we meditatively painted a picture together, which I later cut and made these two little cutouts for our altars to keep the thread between us alive. So good to channel my energy into something slow and simple and visually beautiful that helps me with the sense of completion.

Nora - day 19

Am I allowed to pick flowers? Is art valuable enough to pick something alive? Is art alive? I created a magical door and it felt oh so good!

Simona - day 20

Shatter and renew, the seeds come through. Drawing in my new diary book - inspired by light and shadow and the present moment, with what was and may come.

Simona - day 19

Melody of my integrity, tender and clear, holding my holy ground with grace.

Simona - day 22

"Soul canvas". Sewing my new scarf through the night into a new day. Embraced and caressed by the softness. All is good, rest your soul. 

Ruby - day 24

I woke up this morning and decided to start the day with a wonder walk. It’s been a tough few days and descent into inner Autumn, and I needed to pick myself up again. I marveled at all the colours and textures, the tapping of woodpeckers and fluttering of blue jays, said hello to my favourite trees, and picked some autumn branches for my altar. Last week I was overwhelmed by the challenges of this inner season, and on this full moon and equinox, I choose to rise up and focus on the beauty.

Martina - day 24

I decided to do a ritual on the beach just after sunset for New Moon. Moving out of and forward from the cycle of the last year. Made it through the most painful transformations. Nothing linear of course but know the worst is over. Proud of how far have come. Living intentionally, open to the more gentle waves and peace after rough and stormy seas. I burnt some words in the fire, letting go of some things and setting very gentle intentions for having come through....

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