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Practising inner time in public space


When I’m not thinking about where I come from or where I go to, I see the beauty of the city. The richness of patterns, materials and height differences of the environment.

Not my destination but this beauty determines my direction.

I leave traces behind, my route visualised. The route of someone who has time. The route of someone who is time. I follow this route without knowing to where it leads me. I trust my inner feeling for time, where the purest form of creativity and reality can be perceived.”

Is it in our society still permitted to forget the time of the clock occasionally?

Other than the time of the clock our inner time can’t be measured, but experienced. Finding a balance between clock- and inner time is essential for human well-being: it brings a state of mental rest; a nutrient for contemplation and creativity.

Inspired by the beauty of pavement patterns in combination with the ancient knowledge of labyrinth walking Zand Loper creates city labyrinths while walking. It is a performance, a manifest and a map, encouraging the practice of inner time in public space.

Write me to read the full manifest : Practising innertime in public space. 

“Every walk leads to anywhere.” (Guy Debord, 1967)

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