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Nora Ora

Creating with the cyclical rhythms of nature. 

I live in this world as an artist, researching creativity, wonder and - aliveness in all expressions. 


I believe in embodied research as a way to create the world we are dreaming of. 


I follow the red thread of life through the cyclical rhythms of our nature: visioning, trying-out, sharing, reflecting - discovering cycle by cycle. Every breath, menstrual cycle, moon cycle and seasonal cycle I discover more about myself, my creations and this playground called life.

"I’m here to embody cyclical rhythms. 

I’m here to be part of a cyclical culture. 

I’m here to live creative impulses."

Contact me for:

  • Menstrual Cycle Education 

  • Research in Cyclical Living

  • Creative Coaching

  • Illustrations on request.

  • Graphic Design & Lay-Out

  • Space Design, Decoration & Earth Altars for events​

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Sent me a message! :)

Thanks for submitting!

Trainings & Experiences:

Menstruality Leadership Programm  2020 & Cyclical Business Course 2023 with Red School 


Moshgold Women Year Training for embodyment with Ilan Stephanie, 2020-2022 


Ista Training level I: International School of Temple Arts 2022


Sensiplan Teacher Training for Fertility Awareness 2019-2020


Bachelor in Design & Arts at Design Academy Eindhoven, department Public Private 2014-2019


Internship & Freelancer at Refunc, Re-use Architecture Studio, 2018-2022


Space and Altar Design Rituals & Gatherings: Return of the Priestess, Festival der Weiblichkeiten, The Temple Village at New Healing Festival. 


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, aprentenship with Ruby May 2020-2021


Artist Residency Novy Synagoga Slovakia 2020

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