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Space & Altar Design

Intentional Spaces 

When I was 12 years old I had my first shop selling ‘Geluksaltaartjes’: matchbox sized altars to share happiness & dreamworlds. Almost 10 years later my graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven was another kind of Altar Creation: big viewing boxes representing the four phases of a cyclical world. Looking back at different projects of my past I see an evolving practice of ‘Creating the world I’m dreaming about through color, shape and materials’. 


Since them I’m creating decoration, altars and atmosphere for events and festivals. In collaboration with the organizer we set an intention for the space: what are the qualities of the space and which experience do we intend to create? 


I truly believe that we can sense space. That we can sense the intention, the love and the beauty that is brought into the space. With my creations I intend to create safety, guidance and inspiration for truth and aliveness to be felt and expressed. 


If you are interested in co-creating, I’m looking forward hearing from you. The creative process towards intentional spaces is always a rich journey full of ideas and suprises. 


Recent & Repeating Co-Creations

- Ecstatic Wildness with Mattea Luna, Munich

- Grieve Fires with Janna Schneewitta Rehbein, Marstatten, Switzerland

- The Temple Village at New Healing Festival with Joshua Berg, Pregnitz

- Festival der Weiblichkeiten with Anna Schafermeijer, Berlin

- Know Your Flow with Ruby May

- Return of the Priestess with Celeste Gonzalez, Berlin & Finland

- Refunc Re-use Studio Berlin & Den Haag

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