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This book guides you through the cycle of one year, based on the main solar events (solstices, equinoxes + the mid points in between) and the cyclical qualities of the seasons and creativity. An inspirational tool to discover your own rhythm and cyclical guidance throughout the year. You can use the journey focusing on one specific project or for life in general. 


The journey contains 8 chapters and every chapter consists out of 3 pieces: 

  • Art and the archetypal cyclical qualities.
  • A calendar from season to season, to plan with the support of natural timing, next to the time of the clock. 
  • A journaling page with an inquiry to document your own cyclical journey.


Just as our breath, the menstruating body, the seasons, the moon and the ocean, the creative process is cyclical. Every cycle is an opportunity for spiralling growth, to discover and follow the red thread of your being. 


Dreaming, trying-out, sharing and reflecting. 

Visioning, playing, shining and expressing.

Resting, moving, doing and finishing. 


The Cyclical Journey 2024

33,00 €Price
  • A4 size, ecoprint, high quility paper, offwhite. 

    This journey is created with the archetypal cycle of 4 seasons, from a Northern Hemisphere perspective. The moon times are in Central European Time. Every book comes with a Wheel of the Year poster.

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