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Cyclic Living


Cyclic living is a method to rethink the dynamics of the creative process according to the menstrual cycle.


The menstrual cycle determines the characteristics of a woman in her fertile years. The interplay of hormones between the female brain and the sexual organs cause monthly changes in the body and the mental state. The menstrual cycle is divided into four phases which can be linked to the creative process: being intuitive in the menstruation, being energetic in the pre-ovulation, being social in the ovulation and being reflective in the pre-menstruation. 


I designed 4 different workspaces and atmospheres which support women to work with the qualities and the skills related to the four phases of the cycle. This method encourages women to be creative according to their potential. 

I share my knowledge about the menstrual cycle and cyclic creativity in lectures or workshops. For more info contact me.

In collaboration with the performer Paula Schulenburg I tested cyclic living as a method. I took her throughout her cycle to public places inspired by my models and asked her to translate her feelings of that week into movements. It's a cycle of videos that show the 4 different characteristics of one creative woman.

paula II ladder.jpg

performers: Paula Schulenborg, Elin visser and Alvin Arthur. 

paula II bouwen.jpg
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