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Society has the attempt to censor the natural functions of the female body. Menstruation is a natural and positive body function, it shows your body is fertile.


Besides improving the understanding of the biological process, increased awareness of the menstrual cycle - the interplay between hormones, the psyche and the female body - changes the experience of the menstruation.


This is the first project I did about the menstrual cycle. I researched the tabboo around the subject and visualised the bioligical process as well as the qualities of the 4 phases of the cycle.  The posters give information about how listening to your body creates personal strength and supports a ‘period-positive-community’.

Model: Mayke Krekel

models: Mayke Krekel, Renee Lustermans en Milou Lustermans

Model: Renee Lustermans

Model: Renee Lustermans and Milou Lustermans

Model: Mayke Krekel

models: Renee Lustermans, Milou Lustermans and Mayke Krekel

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